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Second Quarter Symposium - CANCELLED

  • Thursday, July 11, 2024
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Nourish Farms, Sheboygan Falls, WI


Join Us for our Second Quarterly Symposium of the year and another opportunity to hear from Industry leaders in the IoT sphere.


Peggy Gulick - VP Advanced Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, Energy Kohler Company

Jennifer Nowlin - Technology Strategy Consultant

Event Details:

8:00am - Registration, Breakfast and Networking

8:30am - Welcome from Board Chairman, Jeremy Udovich

8:35am - Presentation 1:  Peggy Gulick

9:35am - Presentation 2:  Underpants Gnomes Economics and IoT Data Value: What to in Phase 2?

A classic episode of South Park called "Gnomes" sets the economic view of the world for IoT that many of us have experienced with connected products.

Phase 1: Connect Product

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit!

When companies are asked, what is the question mark in phase 2 and how they get from connecting their products to profits, there is often no clear answer.

In this session we will explore how the economic view of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park can be applied to the current state of IoT data value. Starting with collecting data in Phase 1, we will work through go to market in Phase 2 and how data utilization leads to the much sought after reward of profit in Phase 3.

Enjoy crude cartoon humor applied to real world technology business struggles to teach an important lesson in the art of economics.

10:40am - Networking Break

11:00am - TBA

12:00pm - Adjourn

Leading the Wisconsin

Connectivity Initiatives 

What We Believe

To inspire Wisconsin and the Midwest to lead the evolution of the Internet of Things. Our rich history of supporting manufacturing, software, retail, and healthcare industries gives the region the experience and knowledge needed to foster the Internet of Things. 

We also believe if our companies and their employees are to continue to stay and grow here, and if new companies are going to be built here, we need to promote Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT. We drive technological advancement in the region, so the world knows that you build it in the Midwest if you want to succeed in the Internet of Things evolution.


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What We Do

WIoT is a professional membership-driven organization that advocates for Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT. The WIoT provides its members a forum and platform for purposeful networking, relationship building, talent attraction, development, and mutual exchange of information relative to the Internet of Things.

How We Do It

We provide statewide programming for our WIoT membership in a regular event series focused on Education, Capital, Talent, and Policy as it pertains to the Internet of Things.  Additionally, we provide an IoT Inventory of regional companies focused on IoT and source and publish case studies of IoT products and implementations that have taken place in Wisconsin.

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